Wanted by Interpol Maxim Yakovlev - CEO Polygraphoformlenie

International Police Organization published the information about dangerous international wanted person from St.Petersburg – Maxim Yakovlev. He controls such printing enterprises as JSC Polygraphoformlenie, Polygraphoformlenie-FLEXO Llc., Alyaska- Polygraphoformlenie Llc. and others.

Maxim Yakovlev. Site of Interpol
Maxim Yakovlev is charged against armed robbery (assault with intent to rob), forcible assertion of private right, unauthorized seizure of residential premises, structures with an organized criminal group.

On the 9th of March 2017 the information about dangerous international criminal Maxim Yakovlev has been published on the Interpol Site. He is a CEO Polygraphoformlenie Holding in St.Petersburg. Also his accomplice Yuri Vereschagin is wanted by Interpol.

These persons are wanted by the Judicial Authorities of Kyrgyzstan. They are absentee charged against armed robbery (assault with intent to rob), forcible assertion of private right, unauthorized seizure of residential premises, structures with an organized criminal group. Yakovlev and members of his gang (if it is a conviction) may be sentenced for up to 15 years of imprisonment. Earlier, Yakovlev was absentee arrested by the court. In addition, the arrest of all properties belonging to him was authorized. Also Dmitry Motovilin, a Yakovlev’s classmate of the Leningrad Institute of Technology, and Koshmamat Razakov, a Yakovlev’s business partner and a native of Kyrgyzstan, are wanted for these crimes.

Yakovlev is accused of having organized a criminal community in 2010. He directed it together with Vereshchagin. At the direction of the criminal leaders, they committed an armed attack on Continent LLC in Bishkek, in conditions of mass riots. To the implementation of the criminal plan Yakovlev involved an illegal armed formation of the private security company Alfa. Notably, but Yakovlev provoked an interethnic conflict when the members of his gang shouted anti-Russian slogans and after that they beat Russian-language owners of business.

The members of the gang attested that they got the directions and the details of the attack personally by Yakovlev during repeated sessions on Skype. And Yakovlev himself flew directly to an armed raid in Bishkek to participate in the gang's activities. The seizure of premises of LLC "Continent" had as its objective, among other things, the theft of documents of all the property complex of former Yakovlev’s partners from Kyrgyzstan. The implementation of a large-scale raider capture Yakovlev planned under the odious Maxim Bakiyev. Yakovlev had contacts with Bakiyev’s representatives both in Kyrgyzstan and beyond.

Yuri Vereshchagin. Interpol
Salafi Yuri Vereshchagin – the accomplice of Maxim Yakovlev, the head of the organized criminal group

Yuri Vereschagin carried through the direct management of the gang’s members. His actions were coordinated by Yakovlev. Vereschagin is a radical Islamist, the member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a supporter of the Movement for the Independence of Eastern Turkestan.

Yakovlev stands himself, as a large polygraphist. Yet he is a native citizen of the city of Temirtau in the Kazakh SSR, therefore he has extensive links with Central Asian criminals. Having seized the property complex of LLC Continent, Yakovlev planned to expand his business to the markets of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Yakovlev previously stated that the enterprises he controls are in the GPA (Global Packaging Alliance), which also includes companies Diamond Packaging (USA), Cartmont (Mexico), Goncalves (Brazil), Rob. Leunis & Chapman (Germany), Colorpak (Australia), Yau Bong (Hong Kong). In addition, Yakovlev declared that his company Polygraphoformlenie is a partner of such well-known enterprises as Nestle, Wrigley's, Baltika, Orimi Trade, Dirol, Kraft Foods, Japan Tobacco International, British American Tobacco. This is a rather rare case when multinational companies cooperate with a criminal syndicate headed by a dangerous criminal – the head of an international criminal group, who is wanted by Interpol.

Maxim Yakovlev was wanted by Interpol
In 2013 Maxim Yakovlev was wanted by Interpol on fraud charges

Earlier, Yakovlev was already on the wanted list of Interpol on charges of large scale fraud and the legalization of stolen property. He did it under the organized criminal community. However, that time he managed to evade criminal liability by intimidating the victims and witnesses, as well as using corruption ties.

In Russia, Maxim Yakovlev is also known as a raider and swindler. In the 1990s, together with his accomplice Igor Ustinov, he organized a number of voucher investment funds under the Velikiye Luki Organized Criminal Group (the Gavrilenkov brothers), whose funds were then stolen by them. In 1994, Yakovlev captured Polygraphoformlenie. Still he owns it jointly with Boris Tsfasman and Grigory Gorokhovsky. All liquid assets of this enterprise were withdrawn easily by Yakovlev through foreign companies to controlled by him JSC Polygraphoformlenie, Polygraphoformlenie-FLEXO Llc., Alyaska- Polygraphoformlenie Llc. and others companies.

Besides, Maxim Yakovlev, the great professional swindler, heads the mountebank company Unhva Yurop (UNHWA) in Russia. He is the so-called Russian President of IYF (International Youth Fellowship), which is a subdivision of the totalitarian non-Protestant section Good News (Good News Mission). According to our information, Yakovlev is now hiding inside Thai territory.

Antip Baraboshkin
The Organized Crime Department

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